Future Productions

May 2018

Family Matters

  Written by Scott Brawley

Directed by Scott Brawley and Robert Stewart

Fifty years of marriage is something to celebrate! Karen is supposed to be organising a surprise party for her parents, Ken and Barbara, but with two truculent adolescents, an absent husband, and a useless and unreliable brother; it's not going to be easy! Throw into the mix a psychotic pooch and an explosive secret, and things are about to go haywire.

Dates: Thursday 24 May @ 8pm, Friday 25 May @ 8pm, Saturday 26 May @ 2pm and 8pm, Sunday 27 May @ 1pm and 5pm

 July/August 2018

Having Hope at Home

  Written by David S. Craig

Directed by Sarah Loxley

Caroline is heavily pregnant and estranged from her parents, living on a farm with her partner, and her grandfather. Caroline, who has embraced the farm lifestyle and rejected her wealthy upbringing, has organized a reunion dinner with her parents. Suddenly, Caroline goes into labour. The midwife arrives at the farm just behind mom and dad, an obstetrician who won't be happy with a midwife delivering his grandchild. So Caroline tries to hide the labour and the midwife!

Dates: Friday 27 July @ 8pm, Saturday 28 July @ 2pm, Sunday 29 July @ 2pm, Thursday 2 August @ 8pm, Friday 3 August @ 8pm, Saturday 4 August @ 8pm, Sunday 5 August @ 2pm

 November 2018

False Pretences

  Written by Eric Chappell

Directed by Chris Andrews

When confidence trickster Victor Blake descends on his long suffering sister and brother-in-law after a spell in prison he finds that they have a guest - an attractive and wealthy widow. He sees this as a solution to his financial problems and deploys his charm and trickery to ensnare her. But one scheme founders after another until Victor finds himself in more trouble than he can handle. A fabulous farce from the ever reliable Eric Chappell.

Dates: Friday 9 November @ 8pm, Saturday 10 November @ 2pm, Sunday 11 November @ 2pm, Thursday 15 November @ 8pm, Friday 16 November @ 8pm, Saturday 17 November @ 8pm, Sunday 18 November @ 2pm

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