Heavily pregnant Carolyn is preparing a three-course dinner in the run-down family farmhouse for her estranged, wealthy parents. Her boyfriend Michel and grandfather are trying their best to help, however when Carolyn goes into labour she is determined to keep it a secret from her disapproving parents. The midwife turns up, gets introduced as the vet and we witness a dysfunctional family struggling with their strong difference of opinions. If they can manage to get dinner on the table the night will be a success! A heart-felt comedy about acceptance, family and…hope.

Directed by Sarah Loxley.

Auditions will be held in Sutherland on Sunday 22 April afternoon and Thursday 26th April from 7:30pm.

Show Dates: Friday 27 July @ 8pm, Saturday 28 July @ 2pm, Sunday 29 July @2pm, Thursday 2 August @ 7:30pm, Friday 3 August @ 8pm, Saturday 4 August @ 8pm, Sunday 5 August @ 2pm

Production will be performed in the Sutherland Memorial School of Arts

Important Dates: Full cast reading 3 May. Potentially 29 April.

Rehearsals: Thursday evenings & Sunday afternoons from 17 May

Looking for actors late 20’s to 70’s. Please see characters briefs below.


Carolyn Bingham (Caro)

Caro comes across as a happy, independent woman, living life her way; however she desperately wants the night to run perfectly to please her parents. Determined to pretend everything is normal, whilst being in labour, puts her in conflict not only with herself and the baby, but also the situation she’s created. Not to mention her parents! Usually upbeat and content with their simple life, she wants to prove to her parents she is a capable adult and make amends.

Russell Bingham (Gramps): Carolyn’s grandfather

Carolyn’s grandfather. Russell is a grumpy, hard working old man who is suffering from arthritis and deteriorating health. Despite this, he refuses to let that stop him helping out around the farm. He lives in the family home with Caro & Mich. He is forgetful and often avoids conflict, but is reflective and has an underlining sadness from missing his wife and feeling useless.

Michel Charbonneau: Carolyn’s boyfriend

*Preferably a French Canadian accent and needs to speak some French. May consider other accent/language.

Mish is a supportive partner to Carolyn and is very excited about the impending birth of the baby. He is protective of his new milking shed that fires him up whenever he discovers Russell has been there. Him and Carolyn have created a loving home environment and have a strong relationship.

Jane Bingham: Carolyn’s mother

Jane likes the finer things in life and is the head of fundraising for obstetrics. Having been estranged from her daughter for three years, Jane desperately wants to become part of her life again; especially now she is having a baby. Aware their judgement in the past pushed their daughter away. Despite her husbands’ resistance to accept their daughters’ different way of life, she is determined to have a nice night and attempt to reconnect with Carolyn.

Bill Bingham: Carolyn’s father

Head of obstetrics. Bill is ‘right’ and so refuses to take into account his daughters views. He thinks some things, especially birth, should be done a particular way. He sees his daughter as ungrateful for everything he’s done for her and that she has given up on opportunities. He doesn’t want to help his daughter despite his wife’s reasoning. He insists his father should retire and stop doing so much around the farm, but there is a need in him too.

DAWN SHAW: Carolyn’s midwife.

Supportive and calm and believes in free choice. Dawn abides by her aim to create a peaceful environment for the mother in labour, however when tensions rise she has to make some tough suggestions. She is in full support of Carolyn and is there for her, despite some very strong opposition.

Please email interest along with cv and photo to sarahloxley1@hotmail.com. Audition will be set time slots in small groups. You will be asked to have a one minute piece prepared and then perform from the script.