AUDITIONS for our November 2018 production, "False Pretences", by Eric Chappell will be held on Sunday, 1 July from 4:00pm - 5:30pm, at the Sutherland Multi-Purpose Centre (123 Flora St, Sutherland). ​"False Pretences" will be directed by Chris Andrews who can be contacted on 0420 636 063, or via email:

Eric Chappell is a prolific comedy playwright and we have performed several of his plays over the years, including "Only when I Laugh", "Theft", "Haywire", "Fiddlers Three", "Natural Causes" and "Father's Day". Our audiences love them, and they are always well received. The casts also have great fun with the scripts, and have lots of laughs at rehearsals.

There will be roles for 5 males (30s - 50s) and 2 females (30's).

Kevin: an estate agent; late 30s-40s

Valerie: his wife; 30-40

Lucy: their attractive, vivacious friend; 30-40

Victor: Valerie's brother, pale, well groomed; early 40s

Tank: big, robust, self-important bank manager; 50-60

Soapy: good looking, raffish; 30-40

Toby: bulky build, serious; 40-50

When confidence trickster Victor Blake descends on his long suffering sister and brother-in-law after a spell in prison he finds that they have a guest - an attractive and wealthy widow. He sees this as a solution to his financial problems and deploys his charm and trickery to ensnare her. But one scheme founders after another until Victor finds himself in more trouble than he can handle. A fabulous farce from the ever reliable Eric Chappell.

Performance Dates: Friday 9 November @ 8pm, Saturday 10 November @ 2pm, Sunday 11 November @ 2pm, Thursday 15 November @ 8pm, Friday 16 November @ 8pm, Saturday 17 November @ 8pm, Sunday 18 November @ 2pm.